How to stake N3RDz? (Step by step)

3 min readJan 7, 2021


Step 1: Click on Stake N3RDz by One-Click

Step 2: Set the amount you want to stake and click on APPROVE

Step 3: Confirm first transaction (approval tx)

Step 4: After the transaction is confirmed click OK

Step 5: Click anywhere outside the main popup(IMPORTANT)

Step 6: Click on Stake N3RDz by One-click again

Step 7: Set the amount you want to stake and click on SUBMIT

*If you still see the APPROVE button refresh the page (CTRL + F5)

Step 8: Confirm second transaction (submit tx)

Step 9: After the transaction is confirmed click OK

Congratulations! 🎉 You should now be able to see your stake amount in the staking section

  • If you don’t own N3RDz, you can buy and stake directly with ETH or USDT by clicking on the YELLOW buttons.

Once you have staked your N3RDz, your coins will be locked for 14 days.


Unstake (quit pool): get your N3RDZ and rewards back…(50% of the REWARDS are locked for 28 days)

Claim: Withdraw rewards.

Restake: Claim rewards and restake the claimed rewards.


Q: What happens after the end of the 14 days lock period ?

A: You continue to get rewards with your stake. No need to do anything. From now on, you can quit the pool whenever you want (a button appears, if not, clear cache in your browser & refresh the page to see it).

If you quit the pool and re-enter, the 14 days lock will be active again.

*When buying N3RDz on UNISWAP, always make sure you adjust the slippage to 4–5%

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